Having successfully established a website selling movie, tv and gaming merchandise at the beginning of 2016, Millennia wanted to follow this up with a physical store to create a genuinely engaging experience and act as a hub for a developing series of community events.
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Project Type
  • Pop-up Retail
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Interiors
Westfield Stratford, London

Main Contractor
Willow PM/ Access 360
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We were briefed to develop Millennia’s design for this new pop up retail space and set the foundation for future growth. The design needed to create something impactful and memorable, whilst balancing the need for a certain density of product to be displayed. Oh, and it needed to be open within 7 weeks.

Our overall approach to the design came from simply answering the question “why do people enjoy the fantasy worlds created by these franchises?” The answer for us lay in the fact that they contrast so dramatically with our everyday lives. We took this simple idea and developed the design around it, firstly by turning the client’s initial brief for an all white space on it’s head, giving them an all black space for maximum dramatic effect that ensures customers feel they are walking into something distinctly different to outside.

Against this black shell, we introduced faceted copper design elements as the dramatic centrepieces to the overall space.  The cash desk is formed from folded sheets of solid copper with a sanded surface finish backed onto a black Valchromat main desk body. We felt it was very important that customers get to interact with this unique piece as their final act before leaving the store. We also developed an exploded version of this folded copper to fill areas of the ceiling and form the main shopfront window displays. The exploded joint lines in between the panels were developed in response to the fact that gaps were needed for air circulation to the smoke detectors in the ceiling. They were formed from 3mm ACM panels with a digitally printed metallic vinyl custom matched to the cash desk finish.

Each wall bay is laid out as a ‘shrine’ to a particular franchise with a suspended lightbox over each wall bay using imagery from that franchise to avoid the need for standard navigational signage. They are designed so that they can easily be swapped out to tie in with the latest movie/ game/ tv series as required. All mid floor product displays are composed from an off the shelf white cube system chosen for maximum flexibility, speed and cost effectiveness.

In terms of the branding itself, we stripped back their existing logo to a simple white font on a black background before introducing a new strapline “Out of this world” to better sum up the overall ambition and feel of the brand rather than the more functional list of merchandise types used previously. The font choice for this new strapline was influenced by the styles found in graphic novels.

We came to Object Space Place via a recommendation and have been truly impressed by what they have helped us deliver. Being a new brand to the high street, a key part of our initial brief was to get customers saying ‘wow’ as they walk past and then wanting to come in and explore the products; their design delivers against this every day! We are very excited about the opportunities for Millennia going forward.

Mo Parvez, Managing Director