As part of the development for the new Victoria Gate arcade in Leeds, we were asked to develop designs for furniture and kiosks that would link it with Victoria Quarter.

Project Type
  • Commercial
  • Concierge Desk
  • Concept Design
  • Interiors
  • Kiosk Design
  • Signage
Victoria Quarter and Victoria Gate, Leeds

Main Contractor
Gariff Construction
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The primary objective for the project was to establish a clear visual link between the historic Victoria Quarter and the newly built Victoria Gate, so that the public would be clear that they are the same brand. Our brief was to create both the overall design direction and subsequent detailed designs for all of the elements including public seating, concierge desks, public fountains, retail and food kiosks.

The design language picked up on the use of black glass and gold lettering on the Victoria Quarter shopfronts and the curved, tapering forms were developed to push a more bespoke, premium aesthetic.

From a practical perspective, there were a number of challenges to overcome, not least of all, how to make an unheated space feel more welcoming. This was addressed two fold, by designing semi transparent wind breaks as a core feature and integrating minimal underfloor heating.

The glass screens were made from toughened laminated glass with a bespoke printed pattern on the inter layer – the design for which is different for Victoria Quarter and Victoria Gate, each making reference the surrounding architecture.

Accompanying the fixed landlord furniture elements, in-depth design guidelines were written to ensure all incoming kiosk tenants create something that is in keeping with the special character of the Victoria arcades. Uniquely, we pushed for the kiosks to include prescribed landlord elements (signage, base materials, overall form) so that they mirrored the consistency found in the surrounding shop frontages.