Short story - we were founded in 2011, are based in London and are designers of architecture and interiors. We work with both brands and private individuals that want to create interesting spaces and thriving businesses.

Longer story – the name Object Space Place does a good job of summing up our interests and expertise. We are designers of ‘things’ at a basic level and these objects naturally become spaces when they grow in scale and complexity. When you add people to these spaces, they become most intriguing and we can start talking about more intangible things like experience and a sense of place.

We think the best ideas are always built upon a strong client relationship; taking the time to understand what is driving your thinking (or that of your customer) rather than impose something upon you. That doesn’t mean we won’t challenge you if we can see a different opportunity or approach, but in our view, discussion is always the key to a better design and is ultimately what a good working relationship is based upon.

For us, a successful design project requires two key aspects; the clarity of a good design idea and the integrity of its execution. Woven into these are our belief in the importance of craft, using authentic materials and a desire to create spaces that are not purely rational, but somehow make us feel something.


Clarity can only be achieved through a careful balancing of every aspect of a project, including the aesthetics, function, budget and context. It is about finding a way to express a complex story or information as simply and elegantly as possible.


A high quality finish is born out of a rigorous approach to detailing, careful selection of materials and taking the time to craft an idea. It is the joy of being a designer. We are often challenged by tight deadlines and budget restraints and we feel it is the overall attention to detail and integrity that makes the difference between the success or failure of the end result.


David Chenery
Founder/ Director
Brendan Mullard
Founder/ Director