As we’ve been working on the Restorative Restaurant Framework and honing our thoughts on sustainable hospitality design over these last few months, we’ve had the chance to share these on a couple of podcasts.

Open Pantry

The first one is called Open Pantry and is hosted by Shaun de Vries in Melbourne. It’s a great show if you want to understand what is going on with the hospitality landscape in Australia as well as dig in to wider lessons on the art of running a successful hospitality business.

Our podcast can be listened to on one of these 2 links depending on how you want to listen: Spotify or Apple

We talk about how sustainability needs to be woven into the future of hospitality design, what the core idea of our Restorative Restaurant Framework is and the importance of psychological signalling to customer experience.

Humans of Hospitality

The second one is Humans of Hospitality, hosted by Mark Cribb in sunny Bournemouth (actually not very sunny on our visit), where he runs 3 restaurants and a hotel. Mark is a natural storyteller and passionate advocate for the industry. His podcast is a brilliant collection of interviews with “good humans” from across the hospitality industry covering everyone from top chefs to salt suppliers. It is definitely worth adding to your list if your work in or around the hospitality industry.

In this episode, we dig a bit deeper and go through the Restorative Restaurant Framework in more detail, what sustainable hospitality design really means and how this fits into a restaurant’s need to be successful.

You can click on this link to go through to their website and choose what channel you want to listen through.

Hospitality Mavericks

In other exciting news, we are recording a special 6 part mini series of podcasts with Michael Tingsager from Hospitality Mavericks.

It’s going to be called “Hospitality and the Infinite Game” as Michael and I set out to explore what foundational thinking hospitality might need if we want to create a better future.

The topics are broad, covering infinite mindedness, the climate emergency, a circular economy, doughnut economics, B-Corps and how profit and purpose can coexist.

Each short, half-hour episode is aimed to be a primer on the subject to spark interest and debate. These are not aimed to be quick fixes, but rather deep strategies for the long term health of the hospitality industry.

Looking forward to sharing with you all in a few weeks time.



This post was written by David Chenery

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