Coronavirus is having an unprecedented effect on our lives in the UK and in particular the hospitality industry that we serve. Over the last week all hell has broken loose as the industry has scrambled to understand what its role should be and how it can survive a series of existential threats. Many restaurants have shut up shop, others have converted to a delivery model only to follow suit as the government advice changed day by day. Some have chosen to stay open and support NHS workers or the local community. It has been a traumatic, chaotic experience for many. As we now hit full lockdown, it feels like maybe the picture for the next few weeks might at least be more stable.

Our mission is always to help set the stage for better hospitality and right now, if any restaurant, cafe or bar is going to stay open to offer take away, delivery or grocery services in the current circumstances, we would like to offer our help with some design support. This can be graphic design (adjusted logos, social media banners, take away menus, leaflets) or interior architecture (temporary counters in doorways, service hatches). If we can make any of this a little bit easier for you, it would bring joy to our heart.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss.

This post was written by David Chenery

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