We were delighted that CODE Hospitality asked us to share our thoughts on how restaurants will need to be reimagined in response to social distancing. In this 1 hour webinar we cover:

  • Whether social distancing can actually work in restaurants (3:40)
  • The importance of strategy before tactics (8:29)
  • What we can learn from responses seen in other countries (12:35)
  • A step-by-step guide to what aspects of your restaurant experience may need to adapt (19:38)
  • Alone Together – our fine dining concept for a world with social distancing (38:26)

Watch the webinar here, starting with a short intro by Roxy Yuen from CODE:



This post was written by David Chenery

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  • Amina West says:

    Very interesting and thought provoking webinar and has helped me make some decisions on whether I open our restaurant or not. We are small with a total of 38 covers (maximum).

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