Chipotle, London Wall

Burrito restaurant honed for the lunchtime rush


This site was the smallest we had worked on with Chipotle and posed a lot of challenges in terms of fitting the kitchen equipment within the space and tailoring the design to allow for a huge volume of lunchtime takeaway trade.


This site is the first one in a move towards smaller central London locations and as such offered much less space for any customer seating along with a need for an extremely efficient back of house kitchen layout over 2 floors with several structural and head height constraints.


We looked to open up the ground floor to allow more light in and created a clear and simple layout to ensure as smooth a queuing operation as possible (lunchtime queues can easily stretch 10m out of the front door) along with installing a feature perforated plywood ceiling raft to add warmth to the overall feel.

Kind words from our client