Chipotle Wimbledon

Neighbourhood format for a burrito behemoth


Having previously worked with Chipotle for many years, we are currently the architect for their UK sites. This location was a strategic experiment for the brand - a large scale conversion to create a neighbourhood format.


Serving Mexican “Food with integrity”, Chipotle are passionate about the importance of quality in every aspect of their brand. In this sense, building materials are treated with the same integrity as the food they serve – they are simple and honest, but put together is a highly considered way. This creates a space that avoids being Mexican themed, instead focusing on qualities of light, space and texture.


The emphasis within the design is on an architectural response to the individual site and how the design components of Chipotle can compliment the space whilst respecting and celebrating the existing building. On this particular site we had a very long thin building to contend with which required a lot of structural alterations in order to get the most out of the space.

Kind words from our client