Restorative design for an iconic neighbourhood bakery


We been bringing our sustainable design approach to GAIL’s bakeries across new sites, refurbishments and small tactical upgrades.


Whilst the operational heart of each site is quite consistent, the aesthetic and design varies greatly, which has given us the flexibility to explore new materials and ways of working.


Due to the size of the GAIL’s estate and rate of expansion, we are particularly interested in the opportunity to recycle materials and furniture between sites to avoid waste. For example, as we refurbished Exmouth Market, we removed the existing chairs and had them repaired and repainted by the social enterprise RAW Workshop before using them at a new site in Henley.

Kind words from our clients

“In a very short time OSP have proven themselves to be a perfect match for GAIL’s. They understand the pragmatism required to make projects happen quickly and manage to accomplish this whilst pushing both the highest creative standards and leading on sustainability.“

Brett Parker, Property Director