Victoria, Leeds

A tale of two shopping arcades


As part of the development for the new Victoria Gate arcade in Leeds, we were asked to develop designs for a family of furniture, fountains, planters, kiosks and advertising screens that would link the new arcade with the existing, grade II listed, Victoria Quarter.


We aimed to create a clear visual link between the two Victoria arcades so the public would be clear that they were the same brand. The arcades both had very different architecture so it was important to develop designs that would work well in both of these contexts.


The design language picked up on the use of black glass and gold lettering on the Victoria Quarter shopfronts and curved, tapered forms were developed to create a bespoke, premium aesthetic. From a practical point of view there were a number of challenges to overcome, not least, how to make the unheated space feel welcoming enough to increase customer dwell time.

Kind words from our clients